Bear Deterrent Systems

Electric Fencing For Your Home
Highlander Homes LLC.

How Does An Electric Fence Work?

Electric fencing provides an electrical shock when an animal comes into contact with the electrically charged wire of the fence. People unfamiliar with electric fencing often are afraid that it will injure, permanently damage, or kill an individual or pet that contacts the fence. This is not true! A properly constructed electric fence is safe to people and pets. For electricity to flow in an electric fence, there must be a complete or closed circuit. Under normal operating conditions, an electric fence functions as an incomplete or open circuit with repeating pulses of electricity generated by the energizer sent down the charged wire of the fence. When the bear touches the charged wire, the electric pulse grounds through the animal to the ground creating a closed circuit, delivering a shock to the bear, ZAP! “Wow! I never want to do that again”.